PVC - is an acronym for polyvinyl chloride. PVC resin is a white powder commonly used to produce thermoplastics. It tends to be the most popular member of vinyl family. It is believed to be superior to other options because it can be produced in numerous forms and used to create a wide array of items for many industries. Products made with PVC resin include wallpapers, wire & cable, film, profiles & windows, pipes atc.


ABS - is a copolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. This common thermoplastic polymer combines the chemical resistance and hardness of acrylonitrile, the toughness and impact strength of butadiene, and the gloss and processibility of styrene. Is used for auto parts, electrical appliances, toys, business machines, luggage cases.


X PURGE - is a high efficiency purging material which provides fast and effective material change and contaminant removal in the machine without the need of machine disassemble. This helps reduce machine downtime and/or maximize productivity. X Purge contains various additives for purging and cleaning plastic processing machines; foamable ingredient which helps cleaning hard-to-reach flow areas of the machine (injection molding and many types of extrusion machines).

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