PET Bottle Grade

PET bottle grade - polyethylene terephthalate applies to packaging bottles for drinking water such as pure water, natural mineral water and distilled water, flavoring and candy containers, makeup’s bottle and PET sheet material. The product is of good processing performance, low processing temperature, great transparency and high finished product rate. In making bottles, the product has a small degradation and low content of acetaldehyde.

PET Fast Reheat

PET fast reheat grade – it increases efficiency during blowing bottle by 20%-30% through absorbing heat more quickly. Due to the unique process recipe and advanced production technology, this new product has excellent properties and leaves the main performance standards as basic Water bottle grade chips unchanged.

PET Hot Filling

PET hot filling grade – has been developed and produced specially for hot-filling bottles according to that tea drinks , fruit –juice drinks and other drinks and other medium type drinks require to be hot bottled for sterilization. Stable thermal contraction rate and high finished product rate in making bottles, can satisfy the requirement of being bottled at about 90°C and protect drinks from discoloration or oxidization in storage period and prevent the deformation of the bottles.

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