Homopolymer - homopolymer consists solely of propylene in the polymer chain. As a semi-crystalline polymer, homopolymer possesses good mechanical properties, including high rigidity, high tensile strength, and good thermal-deformation resistance. Homopolymer is widely used in injection molding (containers, household goods), yarn extrusion and other processing.

Block copolymer

Block copolymer - to improve impact resistance of polypropylene, ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) is dispersed within the polymer matirx in the polymerization process. Is suitable for applications requiring high strength, such as industrial usages (pipes, automotive and motorcycle parts, battery cases).

Random copolymer

Random copolymer - exhibits improved transparency and softer touch owing to its lower crystallinity. Through proper surface treatment, random copolymer can achieve good printability. Its good transparency also increases the aesthetics of final products. It is commonly used in blow molding process (to produce baby bottles, sports bottles); injection molding; extrusion (cold and hot water pipes, sheets).

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