GPPS - general-purpose Polystyrene is an amorphous polymer made from the styrene monomer. It is a solid, elastic, colorless substance, fragile thermoplastic material with high dielectric properties, chemically resistant to alkalis and acids, apart from nitric acid. GPPS is widely used in production of OPS films, cosmetic cases, utensils, lamps, toys, CD cases, foam sheets.


HIPS - high impact Polystyrene is polystyrene copolymerized with a small amount of polybutadiene to improve the impact resistance and brittleness. It can be easily painted on and glued. Used widely for toys, packaging, signs, kicking plates, medical supplies, display and point of sale.


EPS – expandable polystyrene is synthesized through suspension polymerization to form resin beads. EPS is used for many applications e.g. trays, plates, bowls and fish boxes. Other uses include molded sheets for building insulation and packing material for cushioning fragile items inside boxes.

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